How To Use Whitening Trays

These are the instructions for custom made whitening trays.

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This type of tray is made from an exact impression of your teeth and made in a dental lab.





  1. First you want to brush your teeth.
  2. Place a small bead of gel in the front lower tooth compartment of the whitening trays. You want to use about .5ml per tray.
  3. Make sure that the teeth are dry. This is a trick that helps the whitening gel to be more effective.
  4. Place tray on the teeth. If there is any excess whitening gel coming in contact with the gums you want to remove this with your finger or a cloth. At this time the whitening gel will start to bubble. This is normal and some of the bubbling may require spitting to remove.
  5. You should only whiten for about 20 minutes once a day. After about 20 minutes the whitening gel loses its strength and continuing use will do very little.

When whitening your teeth for the first time you can increase by shades extremely quickly. After your teeth get moderately white it takes longer to increase shade levels. Make sure that you have good quality gel that is fresh and hasn’t been exposed to heat or direct sunlight.  Whitening gel can be exposed to heat or sunlight while being shipped from the manufacture to the distributor, and while it’s being stored before being sold. You want to research where you are buying from to make sure you are getting quality gel. To extend the life span of your whitening gel storing in a refrigerator is recommended.