The Teeth Grinding Guard Cost

There are many different types of teeth grinding guards with extremely different price ranges.

DoctorsOver the counter:  OTC guards are found in drug stores and range in price from $10-$30. These guards are typically made by placing a universal sized guard in hot water then forming over your teeth. They  typically don’t last long and the fitting is poor.



Custom Fit (From Dentist): Dentist fitted guards range from dual$220-$600 depending on location and dentist. These are made by having a dentist take an impression of your teeth and sending the mold to a dental lab to be created.  Many dentists only make a few night guards wach year and aren’t aware of the different types of material available for night guards. Many times the Dual Laminate night guard is recommended.

Custom Fit (From SportingSmiles): The price range is from $65-$110. These guard are made using a self impression kit and mailing the kit-logoimpression directly to the dental lab. This product is dramatically lower in price since there is no dentist markup.  SportingSmiles has many different teeth guards, so the correct one to match your specific teeth grinding\clenching style can be produced.