My Gums Hurt from Teeth Whitening.

The most common issue with teeth whitening is that your gums burn during teeth whitening. We get asked this question all the time.

If your gums hurt or burn, or if you see white spots on your gums this is all caused by the same reason. You are putting to much whitening gel in the tray and the gel is getting pushed on to your gums.

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You want to put a very small bead of whitening gel on the lower part of the tray. It can range anywhere from .25ml to .6ml depending on the size of your mouth. You need to do a little trial and error to see what’s the correct amount for your size mouth. If whitening gel gets on the gums you want to wipe it off quickly with your finger or using a tissue.

If you see white spots on your gums do not worry, the spots will typically go away in about an hour.

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