Gagging On Teeth Night Guards

Many people find themselves not wearing their night guard because they are bulky or cause them to gag. There are a few things that can be done to make the guard more comfortable.

  1. Have a custom thermo-formed night guard that isn’t thicker than 3mm. From our testing at SportingSmiles we found that most people do not find the 3mm bulky, but some do find the 4mm to be bukly. If you find the 3mm to be to bulky there is also a thin 1mm hard night guard available.
  2. The way the guard is trimmed will also affect the gag factor. You want to make sure the guard is thermo-formed, because this provides the tightest fit. Having a tight fit lets lab techs make the night guards with a lower profile and still have a tight fitting guard.
  3. The length of the guard is also an important factor when dealing with comfort and gagging. If the guard is too long on the rear molars it can provoke gagging. Removing one or two molars can increase the comfort of the night guard.
  4. ¬†Find a dentist and dental lab that is experienced in making night guards. There are many dentist/dental labs that aren’t familiar with the different type of materials and techniques that are now available for night guards. You want to do your research and make sure you are not spending hundreds of dollars on a guard that will end up sitting in a drawer because it is uncomfortable. At SportingSmiles we make thousands of teeth grinding guards every year and know the tricks to make the guards as comfortable as possible.

Contact SportingSmiles if you have more questions about getting the right night guard for your needs.