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What to do if your Dental Retainer Crack?

Did your retainer just crack? Clear retainers can break, that is one of the down sides of the Essix clear retainers. When removing your retainer you want to be careful not to twist the retainer. The twisting of the retainer is the most common way that a retainer can break. 

Retainer is cracked. Now What?

Essix Retainer Broken
Cracked clear Dental retainer

          Don’t panic your teeth will not shift back to their pretreatment position right away, but you do want to get a new retainer quickly.
          There isn’t a way to repair clear retainers. They will need to be replaced.
          If it’s possible you want to continue to wear the retainers. Even if it’s in two piece it will still help prevent the teeth from shifting.
          See if you have your old dental mold. If you have a mold of your teeth SportingSmiles can use the mold to make you a new retainer.
          Order Essix Plus retainers. The Plus material is 2x as durable as standard material and less likely they will crack again.
          We have expedited option on our website. You want to take the impression as soon as possible to lock in your tooth position.

Soon as you have your new retainers it’s always smart to have a backup set. At SportingSmiles we keep all impressions on file for 1 year. You can reorder another pair at a discounted rate.

How a Retainer is Made Using Your Own Model


Do you have an old dental model that you have laying around and want to get a clear Essix retainer made from it? We can use your own models and create you a retainer. Here is the process that a retainer will be made.

We can Dental models that are made from plaster, dental stone, 3d printed models, or even the STL 3d model files.

Clear dental Retainers can be ordered online here: https://www.sportingsmiles.com/orthodontic-retainers.html