Instructions on How to Use Custom Whitening Trays

Custom whitening trays are the best solution for whitening your teeth, but you want to make sure you are using them properly to maximize their effectiveness.

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You want to make sure you are using high quality whitening gel that is made in the USA. Stay away from whitening gel made in China. There is no FDA regulation on what they put in their gel and can be ineffective by the time it reaches the USA due to the extreme temperature changes during overseas shipping. Good whitening gel has an MSDS sheet available.

  1. To use the whitening trays you first want to brush your teeth.
  2. You want to fill the whitening trays. You want to fill the lower front of the tray with a small bead of whitening gel. (Typical amount is .5ml per tray)
  3. If any gel squeezes out of the trays you want to wipe it off of the gums.
  4. You want to wear the whitening trays for about 10-15mins. After 15mins the whitening gel loses its effectiveness and wearing any longer will be ineffective.
  5. There will be foaming of the gel. You want to spit out any foam while whitening.
  6. After 10-15mins you want to rinse both your mouth and whitening trays.
  7. Whitening trays can be cleaned with a soft bristle tooth brush and cleaning solution can be used to keep the whitening trays fresh.

You only want to whiten your teeth once a day. Whitening gel should be stored in a cool location and kept away from direct sun light. After you reach your desired whiteness you can then stop whitening.  The advantage of custom whitening trays is that you can do touch up’s at any time and custom whitening trays can last for many years, if properly cared for.

Many people multitask and will whiten their teeth as get ready and shower in the morning. If you have any questions about custom whitening trays or how to use whitening gel please contact SportingSmiles with any questions.