What Is The Difference Between Boil-and-Bite And Custom Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are thin but sturdy coverings that protect your teeth. If you are athletic and participate in contact sports like basketball and hockey, you are probably already familiar with the athletic type of this dental protector. Other mouth guards protect your teeth and dental work against the damage caused by nighttime grinding.

Army Mouthguard
US Army custom Mouthguard

Of course, not all mouth guards are created equal. Stock mouth guards are the types of devices that are pre-formed for the “average” wearer. They frequently mention a gender and age to help the buyer find a guard that most closely fits the makeup of the oral cavity for which it is designed. Unfortunately, these types of guards are habitually very uncomfortable since there really is no average wearer. Every mouth is unique and the location of the teeth varies greatly even between people of the same age, gender and size.

This brings plenty of buyers to the difference between boil-and-bite and custom mouth guards. You have probably seen boil-and-bite mouth protectors at the local sporting good stores. The thermoplastic material gets softened when immersed in hot water. The wearer then quickly removes the mouth guard and inserts it into the mouth. Biting down, the guard now adapts to the surrounding teeth. You need to keep some pressure on this device until the process is complete. Do not exert too much pressure, or you may just bite through the plastic. As the material cools down, it largely maintains the shape of the mouth although some nuances are lost.

By far, the best solution for the mouth guard wearer is the custom fitted product. While you could go to a dentist for a casting and pay a large sum of money in the process, why would you? Sporting Smiles has eliminated the middleman and allows you the same access to a professionally made custom mouth guard at a fraction of the price. We will send you an impression kit that you use to make a cast of your teeth. Instructions are included and the process is really very easy. Send the casting back to us and we will make your customized mouth guard.

We are confident that this guard is going to be the most comfortable you have ever worn. Find out more about this easy and inexpensive process by contacting us.

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