Dental retainers after Goody Bands or Ortho fill have been used to close a Gap between teeth.

We have made many retainers for customers who have moved their teeth using goody bands, ortho fill, or other orthodontic band to close a gap between their two front teeth (diastema).

Using retainer to close gap between teeth
Using retainer to close gap between teeth

We always recommend having a dentist involved any time you are moving teeth, but if you are using the bands to close your teeth you want to get a retainer after the gap has been closed.This is the same for any proper orthodontic procedure

If you use goody bands or other bands to close a gap and you don’t use a retainer afterward the teeth will want to spring back to their original location. This is called elastic memory.

Upper + Lower Dental Retainers
Upper + Lower Dental Retainers

Our custom retainers require taking an impression of your teeth. You want to make sure that your teeth are in the position that you like when you take the impression. When taking the impression you want to watch our video and make sure that you don’t have the bands on when taking the impression.  While the retainer is being created you want to maintain the position of your teeth and not close the gap any further.

Teeth sensitivity pain after teeth whitening.

It’s not uncommon to have teeth sensitivity or burning gums after teeth whitening. There are techniques and products to help reduce the discomfort that some people experience during teeth whitening.


  1. You want to use custom fit whitening trays. Custom whitening trays help to keep the whitening gel away from the gums, since the trays are custom fit less whitening gel is needed.
  2. Quality gel: You want to buy quality gel that is made in the USA. There should be an MSDS sheet available for the whitening gel.
  3. You want to fill the trays correctly. Over filling is the most common cause of sensitivity and white burning gums. When using custom whitening gel you want to use around .5ml per tray. A small bread should be applied on the lower front of the teeth.
  4. Wipe away extra gel. If any gel does come on the gums you want to wipe it away as quickly as possible. A q-tip or tissue can be used.
  5. Whitening Time: You only need to wear your trays for 10-15 mins. The gel loses its effectiveness after about 15 mins.


Remineralization (remin) gel will help to relieve any “zing” or burning sensation after whitening. After whitening you want to rinse and dry the whitening trays. The remin gel can then be placed in the whitening tray.

If you are still experience discomfort there is lower percentage whitening gels available. It will take longer to reach your desired whiteness, but will not cause as much tooth sensitivity.