How To Take An Impression With SportingSmiles Self Impression Kit

Video Instructions can be seen here:

Written Instructions:

Brush your teeth and make sure your hands are clean.

Adjust the dental tray to the size of your mouth. They are adjustable in width by pulling the two halves of the tray apart. The tray can also be made smaller by snapping off a section(s) of the plastic in the rear of the impression tray. Your teeth should be centered in the tray.

Vigorously mix both parts (A & B) of the impression material together until a uniform color is reached. This step is time sensitive and should be done as quickly as possible (about 20 sec).

The impression material should then be rolled into a 4 to 5 inch tube.

Place impression material uniformly into the tray and firmly push onto your teeth. Confirm that the teeth are evenly settled in the impression material.

It will take about 4 minutes for the material to fully harden. During this time you want to move as little as possible. After 4 minutes the material should feel firm to the touch and the impression can be removed.

Remove tray in a single motion, by pulling either up or down.

Rinse tray and seal in the enclosed bag.

If you are concerned that the impressions isn’t OK, you can send a picture to

Prevent Chewing On Your Sports Mouth Guard

Chewing on your mouth guard can be a costly habit, especially if you have a custom designed guard. Here are a few options that will help your mouth guard last longer.Lebron Chewing on Mouthguard

Keep It on your Teeth: You want to get a custom designed mouth guard. These are made using an exact impression of your teeth and are available online from SportingSmiles or through your dentist. These guards are custom made just for you. This allows for them to be tighter to the teeth. The tightness helps prevent chewing by you can’t pop the guard of using your tongue. When the mouth guards aren’t on your teeth and are being chewed on, the guard is destroyed very quickly. You will see some professional athletes doing this,  but it’s not cost effective for your non-professional athlete to be chewing on their $120 custom mouth guard.


Chew Proof Guard: SportingSmiles offers a guard designed for athletes that have issues with chewing\grinding there sports guard. We offer both a 3mm chew resistant mouth guard, and a 6mm chew resistant mouth guard. The 3mm is designed for low contact sports and the 6mm is designed for heavy contact sports. The 6mm has 3mm of our chew resistant inner material (hardness 95), the exterior is covered with 3mm of standard clear mouth guard material. This guard is more chew resistant than any other on the market.

Contact SportingSmiles if you have any question.

Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

There are many ways to whiten your teeth. You can visit a dentist and they can whiten your teeth in the office or you can save money and whiten them at home.

When you whiten your teeth in the dentist office they will apply a block out dam on to your gums and apply 44% or higher whitening gel to your teeth. Then they will use a UV light that accelerates the whitening process. It normally takes about an hour and you will see immediate change in your tooth shade. The issue is that this normally only last a few months and your teeth will start to darken again.

I prefer the whiten at home method. The best way to whiten your teeth is to have custom whitening trays made. These are made just for you and your mouth, preventing the whitening gel from going everywhere. The advantage is that the trays will last forever; you just need to get extra whitening gel when you need a touch up. You can also purchase 35% gel for a low price. This is a lot easier that having to make another appointment with your dentist and spending a lot more money. I recommend the custom whitening tray made in a dental lab, but there are also thermo-form trays that you can make at home using boiling water. These work but are less comfortable and you end up using a lot more whitening gel because the gel goes all over.

Home Teeth Whitening
Sporting Smiles Home Teeth Whitening

If you are looking to whiten, I recommend spending a little money and get custom made whitening trays that will last for years.