20 Percent Of Americans Grind Their Teeth At Night; Do You?

Banner_1While there are various reports suggesting that between 8 percent and 31 percent of Americans grind their teeth at night, the accepted percentage usually sits right at 20. There is a good chance that you, too, are a member of this group. Involuntary grinding of the teeth – also known as Bruxism – is frequently accompanied with moderate to excessive clenching of the jaw in between episodes.

Tell-tale signs that you are a sufferer include headaches in the morning, jaw muscles that hurt for no reason and heavily worn dental surfaces. If you have crowns or fillings installed in your back teeth, you may have noticed that they frequently break or wear out. While there is some evidence that suggests Bruxism is a hereditary condition, there are also some studies that suggest a connection between nightly teeth grinding and stress.

To counteract the damaging wear on your teeth, SportingSmiles offers you a choice of four different types of grinding guards:

  1. Soft night guard. Made of 3mm of flexible material, this type of night guard is comfortable and soft. If you clench your teeth more than you grind them, this guard is for you.
  2. Single layer hard night guard. We have incorporated 1mm of a denser protective material to minimize the size of this grinding guard. If you clench your jaw but only grind your teeth moderately – and if you want a grinding guard that feels the most comfortable – try this model for nightly use.
  3. Dual laminate night guard. This guard combines 1mm of soft core material and a 2mm strip of a shell-like exterior. If your clenching is moderate but you severely grind your teeth, this guard prevents the motion from destroying the material.
  4. Hard flexible night guard. Made of 3mm of highly-dense materials, the guard is somewhat flexible and extremely durable. When you suffer from strong clenching as well as severe night grinding, this is the most effective guard to protect your teeth while being comfortable enough for nightly wear.

Contact us today to order your set of impression materials. We will build your night guard to order and ship it to you immediately upon completion of the manufacturing process. Is it not time that you protect your teeth from the damage caused by night grinding?

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